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Home - States Of India - Himachal Paradesh


Himachal Pradesh really extends truest blends of pristine natural beauty which imprints strong impression on mind, an experience difficult to escape out of mind. Located at the northern part of India, Himachal Pradesh lies in the lap of Himalayan region with geographical landmarks such as Jammu & Kashmir from its north, from western part is Punjab and on the eastern part is located Tibetan plateau.

A tour to the state will take you to the world of wildlife residing in dense forests and waterfalls to enjoy your adventure. The land is a favourite sport for almost all the tourists; be it peace seekers, religious ideologists and those seeking adventurous pleasure. Once you step inside the territory of the land, peace and tranquillity engulfs your soul, such is the charm of the place. Being a tiny hill state, the land is also a perfect holiday spot for tourists. Some favourite resorts like Shimla, Kullu-Manali extend truest blend of pleasure with surrounding beauty of hills and lush meadows, a sight never forgettable so easily.


According to the history, the first tribal inhabitants of Himachal Pradesh were Dasas, Koilis, Dhaugiris, Kinnars and Kirats who were later defeated by the Aryans and settled here. The Aryans maintained peaceful governance with people to keep their relation cordial helpful for their longer existence. Later, Kings of Guptas dynasty took over the sate followed by the debacle of Aryans’ rule. During the rule of Guptas, the people of Himachal Pradesh experienced certain liberty of speech. After Gupta, there came Harhas dynasty that under the guidance of Harsha Vardhan ruled the state and developed art and culture in the land.

Time changed; and after death of Harsha, the state came under the rule of local feudal lords for over 40 years. They were defeated by Rajputs who were later replaced by the Mughals. After the debacle of Mughal dynasty, the state was ruled by the king Sansar Chand. Thus, after Sansar Chand there came Gurhas whose ambition of seizing Kangra Fort was shattered by King Ranjeet Singh which bore the seed of Anglo-Gurkha conflicts, prompting Gurkhas to establish relation with British; and finally the British established their supreme power in the state by expelling Gurkhas.

After the independence of India, the chief commissioner’s territory was established in April, 1948 and the state was later declared as a Union Territory in November 1956. It was in January 1971 when the state finally got its absolute declaration as an independent state of free India.

Culture of the State

Culture is one of the most important aspects by which any state is identified individually. As per the various cultural aspects of Himachal Pradesh, the land has cultural effects of various tribal clans like Kinnars, Pangawals, Sulehria and Lahaulis. Other communities residing in the sate include Gujjars, Rajputs, Gaddis, Kolis and Rathis; all together with form a multi-cultured state of Himachal Pradesh.

You will also see various fairs and festivals through which the state represents its cultural context. Dancing people in their traditional attires during festivals is an awesome sight.

Tourist Attractions

Shimla is the capital city of Himachal Pradesh which was also a summer capital of British. Despite being congested these days the city still holds its erstwhile magnificence.

The site with numerous magnificent sceneries is regarded as one of the most sought after honeymooning spots of India. A tour to the site will also let you see valleys of Lahaul and Spiti both famous for their respective charm.

The site is quite famous for its splendid blend of natural scenes engulfed under the dense forest of pine, deodars and red and pink rhododendrons. A tour to the site will infuse your mind with heavenly charm, an experience never forgotten.

Being the “Gateway to the Gods” Haridwar is mythologically referred as one of the seventh holiest pilgrimages of Hindu. Peace and sanctity is felt all around the place. Be it meditation, yoga sessions, ashrams, ranges of temples beside the Ghat of Ganges River, all infuse you with a certain holy charm, a scene never forgettable.

Famous for being the abode of the Dalai Lama, Dharamsala is located at Dhauladhar Mountains, a snow-capped site with spectacular landscape.

In addition, those tourists with religious taste can visit Himachal Pradesh to see different temples famous for their religious sanctity. They are Jwalamukhi Temple, Bajreshwari Temple, Chamunda Devi Temple located in Kangra, Chattari Temples and Lakshmi Narayan Temple in Chamba.

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