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India is a country of diverse religions that depicts the bond of different people on same land. It is an amazing amalgamation of varied people who speak different languages, wear different dresses and follow different customs as well. But diverse religions give proper recognition about each person in this nation and tell about his/her identity. One will be surprised to know about varied religions in India.

Few well known religions of this nation are like Hindu (80.5%), Muslim (13.4%), Christian (2.3%) and Sikh (1.9%). These are four major categories in the religions of India that encompasses further categorization as well. It demands huge time slot to explore each religion of India deeply. But let us have short brief about religions of India which are significant and popular world wide. 

As Hinduism is most known ancient religion in India that covers major population of this country. Most of the people of this nation are Hindu and love to do worship of variety of Gods and Goddess. It is supposed to have originated about 5000 years ago in this country. In the beginning of 500 BC two other religions had developed in India such as Buddhism (0.5%) and Jainism (0.7%) which were very popular in ancient time. Now the question arises that how the Hinduism has originated in India? But it was admitted that Hinduism was originated with the historical mixing of Aryans and Dravidians. But few were in favor of Aryans and where others have claimed for Dravidians for the origin of Hinduism. Beside it, “Vedas” were also traditional part of Hinduism’s history that was given by Brahma. The “Brahmanism” which was originated before Hinduism and its followers were called Brahmans. The members of this Hindu community were a close set and none of other can join it. 

Apart from that another religion in India is Sikhism that was come in the establishment in 15th centaury. This religion concludes about 2% of Indian population and also has incredible history to know about its origin. “Sikhism was established by “Guru Nanak” and born into a Hindu family in 1469 in Punjab region. He was the first Guru of Sikhism and had put the first stone of this religion in India. Another Sikh Guru namely “Guru Govind Singh” was also born in India and did well in the promotion of Sikh religion. The worship place of Sikh called as “Gurudwara” and they have also built few temples as well like Hari Mandir that is also known as “Golden Temple”. This temple is located in Punjab and meant as holiest temple of Sikhism. Sikhs worship their holy book named “Guru Granth Sahib” that is meant so blessed with natural power. Beside it, most of the Sikhs (boys) have used “Singh” as their surname, but (girls) have used “Kaur” after their names.

Similarly, the Muslim religion is also popular in India and has wide story of its origin. This religion has originated just because several Muslim rulers who have ruled over India for long time in past. For instance, Moghul emperor named Akbar (1556 to 1605) had tried to establish a new religion as Din-E-Elahi but this religion had short life and could not survived for long run. Later on Islam was originated from Saudi Arabia but most of the Islam’s spreaders in India had arrived from non-Arab countries. After coming Islam in India most of the Indian Muslims have adopted the Islam and had followed the customs this religion. Beside it, Muslims world in India had divided in two categories as well like Sunni and Shia which were also popular at that time. Both categories had different schools and followers who claim for the different titles as well. The Sunni Muslims had adopted the title like Syed before their names. Similarly, the Shia Muslims had added the title as Sheik. Another Muslim community is Pathan and Muslim people of this community had come from Afghanistan. They had also added their surname as Khan and meant as very brave, honest and righteous people of this Muslim religion.

Christian’s population is about 2.5% in India and has originated about 2000 years back as developed in Europe at same time, but main origin was from Israel. In 15th century another Christian community namely Missionaries had arrived in India and tried to spread Christian religion in India. At some extent they had succeeded to convert lots of Indians in Christians as well. Missionaries have also started several Christian schools and churches in India in which they taught the principles of this religion and tried to influence people to adopt Christian religion. But Portuguese was another Christian community had also done well in favor of converting Indians into Christians. This community has tried its level best and left behind to the Missionaries in converting Indians in Christians. The Portuguese were aware about the India culture and tired to spread this religion in nation according to the customs. Most of the Indians were converted into Christians by Portuguese. In India, there are varied regions where Christians are found in huge percentage like Kerala, Goa, Tamil Nadu, Manipur, Mizoram and many more. These regions are rich with Christian community people and follow customs of this religion with great zeal. 

So, these four basic religions of India have shown huge impact on whole world and attract the other countrymen with their varied customs and colours. However, whosoever is willing to know more about these religions of India they may go with the option a skillful Indian tourist guide. Here, several Indian tourist guides are working round the clock for world tourists coming to India. For instance” Excursion India” the well know Indian tourist guide which have got a monopoly in the India tourism Industry. This travel guide has offered wide services that will never disappoint any tourist coming to India and let them know about incredible India from every region. 

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