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Uttar Pradesh which is located at the northern side of India is one of the largest and most populous states of the nation comprising wealth of its monuments, charming mountains and exceptional religious dedication. The state has also been accredited as the founder of India and proudly owns cultural heritage and historical monuments that give the state a distinctive identification. In addition, the state is also one of the most sought after tourists’ destinations of India thanks to its abundance of fascinating arrays of sightseeing attractions present in the forms of monuments, forts and mausoleums.

Often known as the cow belt or the heartland of Hinduism, the state has also been the favourite political arena for Indian politics since the freedom of India. The river Ganga which flows beside the state is regarded most sacred river by the Hindu. Not only than that the state has also seven holy town including Varanasi which holds greatest religious veneration in the heart of Hindu. It is said that one who dies in Varanasi gets salvation and is completely released from the cycle of rebirth; such is the sanctity of the pilgrimage. No doubt, the river Ganga is the centre of attention for the tourists here. You can spot people taking holy dip in the river, departed souls being cremated and saints observing meditation beside the Ghat. Moving ahead further through the alley of the city are congested bazaars fraught with shops & stores selling brassware & silk brocade.


Various stone tools like hand made axes and choppers obtained through excavation by the archaeologists lends more gravity to the assumption saying that the state dates back to Stone Age. Kashi (today’s Varanasi), Kosala (Oudh) and Vatsa (modern Allahabad) were among those eight famous republics and kingdoms of the state in the earlier time. Some Hindu beliefs assume that the state also belongs to the era of Ramayana and Mahabharata. The state was also the home of Vedic religion which was developed by the ancient Indo-Aryan migrants. This is the very place where Lord Buddha and Mahavira found their first disciples naming Vatsa (follower of Buddha and ruler of Udayan) and Prasenjit the king of Kosala who followed Jainism. Varanasi city the oldest among other cities of the state was epicentre of education, culture, commerce and craftsmanship.

The state also experienced ruling of various kings starting from Ashoka the great to the Mughals’. While Agra became the favourite of Mughal Empire, Fatehpur Sikri & Agra became the favourite of Akbar to control his vast kingdoms. Mughal emperor like Shah Jahan gifted the city with most prestigious keepsake as Taj Mahal which beauty and charm is still unfazed by the impact of time.


Uttar Pradesh is richly endowed with classic literature, art and music, and various dance forms. There are many folk dances in the state including the well known raslila of Mathura. You will also see the best of ghazals, darbars, mushairas and mehfils and the traditional mode of hospitality in the state.

Sightseeing Highlights

This one of the most world renowned monument of Agra; is the truest example of feelingly love that its founder Shah Jahan had for his wife Mumtaz Mahal. It is said that the beauty of the world was constructed between the 1631 and 1654 A.D followed by the promise that the Emperor Shah Jahan made to his wife Mumtaz Mahal at her death time. Mumtaz was extremely very beautiful queen of the emperor and hence his construction of Taj Mahal is the representation of her beauty. Once you have the visual view over the Taj all you can feel at the time is WOW! INCREDIBLE!

Agra Fort
The site is now declared as World Heritage Site by UNESCO but it is open for the tourist and located in close proximity with the Taj Mahal. Also nick named as the Red Fort of Agra, the site was built Mughal Emperor Akbar. Once you step inside the fort you see beautiful the Khas Mahal, Jehangir Palace, Diwan-i-Khas or Audience Hall and Sheesh Mahal.

Varanasi or Banaras is said to have been the oldest living city of the world and is also the most reverend one for the Hindu. Thousands of Hindu devotees pay their holy visit to the city which is known for its Ghats as well as classical culture. You will see the devotee taking a holy dip in the river Ganges to absolve from worldly sin. Various ashrams, temples, shrines and pavilions will give you pleasant eye sights. The city is also enriched with music, arts, crafts and education for which it is known worldwide. The city is also famous for Banarasi Silk Saris and Silk brocades.

Located at the distance of 128 kms from Varanasi, Allahabad is situated at the spot where three rivers, Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati meet together. The city is also famous for being king of all pilgrimage centres (Tirth Raj) due to its sanctimonious virtue.

In addition the tourists will also love to see Kanpur, famous for various historical, commercial importance, Mathura, the birth of Lord Krishna, Vrindavan and Ajodhya both famous for their religious fervour.

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